Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products organic?

We select organic ingredients where they are available. For example 8 out of the 10 plant oils are certified organic. We really wanted to include coconut oil for its lubricating and skin softening properties. The coconut oil we have chosen is not organic because it has been liquid fractionated (the process to remove the sold fatty acids). If you choose to use the body oil in the bath, using liquid fractionated coconut oil will save your pipes blocking up. We have made pragmatic decisions that we hope that you support.

What is the shelf life of the products?

The shelf life of the products is 18-24 months, it is indicated on the base of each product. We use soft-on-the-skin preservatives in our face cream and only vitamin E in the oils to preserve the product. We make in small batches to turnover stock quickly. We find that they are so yummy they wont be sitting around for too long. Help them have a long life by keeping out of direct sunlight and in cool places.

What makes your oils good for massage?

The plant oils have been selected and blended to produce products that are perfect for massage, there is a mix of short and long oils, thick and thin. You get long strokes on initial application but they soak into the skin very quickly enabling deep work with good grip and not too much slip. They were developed by a remedial massage practitioner looking for product to suit this style of massage.

Are your products EU1223/2009 compliant?

All products legally on the UK and EU market which fall under 'cosmetics', must go through the safety assesment procedure of EU 1223/2009. All of our products are compliant with this legislation, as they have all been assessed by an EU approved chemist and signed off a safe for use. Thus you do not have to be an aromatherapist to use our products in therapies. All compliant products must subscribe to manufacturing processes that involves no animal testing. We never have and never will test our products on animals.

What is your sustainability policy?

We take sustainability seriously. We source products carefully from suppliers who do their research properly. For example: The Palm oil that is used in both in MF/VE emulsifiers comes from suppliers that are either members of the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil or a subsidiary company or who are members of FEDIOL which supports sustainability. FEDIOL is a European industry federation based in Brussels. MF Emulsifier (Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate) - Sodium Stearoyl-2-lactylate (E481) is based on sustainable palm oil from Malaysia or Indonesia and rapeseed oil from the EU. The lactic acid used is produced by non-GMO bacterial fermentation of sugar beets from the EU. The rapeseed oil used is non GMO.

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