Skin Therapy Extra Gentle

14th June 2017

I received this lovely endorsement today from Ben, a happy customer.

“I used Skin Therapy Extra Gentle Facial Oil after returning from holiday to sooth my sun damaged skin. I have eczema and would usually have resorted to using steroid cream and many applications of moisturiser per day to calm down the flare up. 

I’m happy to say that after only 4 days of using the oil the flare up has gone away and my skin is free from the flaking, redness and cracks that I’d usually have for a couple of weeks after exposure to the sun. And I’ve not used steroids or any other creams or ointments since.”

It’s good to hear directly from customers and from the professionals too. Our Silvan Extra Gentle Facial Oil has been shortlisted for the 2017 ‘Free From’ Skincare Awards. The Skincare Awards judges will choose the Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists for each category, plus an overall winner, to be announced at the Love Natural Love You show on 7th July. Our fingers are crossed!

Extra Gentle Facial Oil was shortlisted after a two month evaluation by testers from Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible and Skins Matter. The testers have sensitive or reactive skin, or have a specific interest in natural, organic and ‘free from’ skincare.

Our Skin Therapy Extra Gentle Facial Oil is formulated with organic evening primrose, hemp, jojoba, kiwi, rosehip and calendula oils, all selected to calm, soothe and nourish sensitive skin. Extra Gentle Facial Oil is for people who want to choose beautiful products without fragrance that provide extra gentle care for the skin.

Skin Therapy Extra Gentle promotes tissue repair and healing and is excellent for sensitive skin and skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, pimples and boils. It helps sun damaged skin and smoothes laughter lines and scars.

Skin Therapy Extra Gentle Facial Oil
50ml, £16



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