Skin Therapy Face Oils

12th May 2017

We are thrilled with our two new Face Oils: Skin Therapy and Skin Therapy Extra Gentle. They were both created for sensitive and reactive skin, for the symptoms of rosacea, ezema and acne in particular. They are also wonderful for dry and mature skin.

Here is a review from natural beauty blogger Carrie Jackson @WhatILoveTodayx:

“I was contacted by Silvan Skincare  a few months ago and asked whether I would be interested in trying their new Skin Therapy Face Oil* (£19 50ml). As a huge fan of a facial oil, I was more than happy to give it a go.

My only problem with face oils is, I like them all! I haven’t tried one I haven’t got on with, so finding one that stands out is a pretty hard task.

I tried the Skin Therapy Face Oil  as soon as I received it and, as is usually the case, really liked it, but found myself in my usual position. A face oil that I liked, but couldn’t really say if it was different to any others. It then got slightly lost amongst my rather large collection.

I have recently been to Thailand on holiday and with a combination of the sun, a somewhat basic skincare routine and two long haul flights, I found my skin in need of  some serious TLC when I returned. This is where Skin Therapy Face Oil stepped in.

I have found myself reaching for this every day to soothe and nourish my dry skin. It is made with ingredients such as organic evening primrose oil, hemp, jojoba, kiwi and chamomile, which explains why my skin is liking this so much at the moment!

This has been a great product for my dehydrated skin. I like the consistency, rich, yet easily absorbed, along with the fact that it is in a generous sized 50ml bottle, as I do like to use more than the recommended one or two drops!”

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