Leaping Bunny Certification

13th June 2018

Today we are celebrating!

We are delighted to announce that all Silvan Skincare products are certified as 100% cruelty-free under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme.

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Skin Therapy Extra Gentle

14th June 2017

I received this lovely endorsement today from Ben, a happy customer.

“I used Skin Therapy Extra Gentle Facial Oil after returning from holiday to sooth my sun damaged skin. I have eczema and would usually have resorted to using steroid cream and many applications of moisturiser per day to calm down the flare up. 

I’m happy to say that after only 4 days of using the oil the flare up has gone away and my skin is free from the flaking, redness and cracks that I’d usually have for a couple of weeks after exposure to the sun. And I’ve not used steroids or any other creams or ointments since.”

It’s good to hear directly from customers and from the professionals too.

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Skin Therapy Face Oils

12th May 2017

We are thrilled with our two new Face Oils: Skin Therapy and Skin Therapy Extra Gentle. They were both created for sensitive and reactive skin, for the symptoms of rosacea, ezema and acne in particular. They are also wonderful for dry and mature skin.

Here is a review from natural beauty blogger Carrie Jackson @WhatILoveTodayx:

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janeyloves2016 platinum awards

3rd October 2016

I am proud of my products… and now I am thrilled to have been awarded winner of the Face Oil and Serum category in the JaneyLoves2016 Platinum Awards.

I am passionate about the benefits of plants in balms, creams and oils, bringing natural, organic and sustainably grown plants into products have therapeutic qualities.

I entered the Soothe Face Oil into the competition to see if I was right in thinking it an outstanding product.

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Black pepper... more than a condiment

23rd June 2016

Black pepper (piper nigrum), is widely used as seasoning and for good reason - it tastes great. It also stimulates the whole digestive system, from the salivary glands in the mouth to the large intestine, promoting secretion of digestive juices into the stomach to support digestive processes.

The plant is a woody vine, with small white flowers and red/black berries. The essential oil is produced from the berries and has a range of beneficial properties:

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Supporting tired muscles

24th May 2016

Muscles are much of our focus as massage practitioners… but muscles don’t stand alone… they attach to tendons, are encased in fascia, protected by skin, enervated by nerves. It is not just the muscles but all these soft tissues working together to create movement. 

Problems occur in muscles (and other soft tissue) when they become inflammed, torn, held short, long, strong, weak, they may be in spasm or in a process of atrophy.

I see a lot muscles that are working too hard for one reason or another. Due to poor posture, maybe work or lifestyle patterns, emotional holding or just habit. There are many bodywork techniques available to support muscles and other soft tissue in healing, unwinding and re-balancing. I think the medium use during the treatment should support the overall aims, this is my selection of some of the best:


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It starts with a good base

10th May 2016

I asked a massage tutor recently what products students and practitioners use, there was a pause and an acknowledgement that there isn’t a lot of choice out there for the discerning practitioner. 

I wanted an oil-based product that really added to the therapeutic process.

I wanted the right balance of slip and slide, grip and glide.

I wanted an organic product with a blend of botanic oils that provided the right medium for massage but also offered the full range of vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. After all the product ends up in the bloodstream - the clients and mine.

I wanted to harness the benefits of essential oils, without being overpowered by smell.

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